The Perfect Pin Checklist: Creating Quality Pins Every Time

I love checklists. Seriously, I rely on the checklist found in my daily planner and have a plethora of chic and sassy Bando to-do lists plastered across my desk. The checklist and I? We’re best buds.

Of course we love checklists. Checklists keep us on pointe and help us avoid the dreaded feeling associated with forgetting something important (the worst!).

 Why The Perfect Pin Checklist?

It would make sense that checklists come in super handy when promoting your brand on Pinterest. For newbie pinners a checklist is the perfect organizational tool. Checklists ensure you create quality pins that deliver results, consistently.

Use the Perfect Pin Checklist to create quality Pinterest content that delivers consistent results. Free download!Why a Pinterest checklist? At the end of almost every consult, folks ask me “what were those Pinterest best practices, again?” And so, the Perfect Pin Checklist was born. An easy-to-use, Pinterest resource that ensures you’re creating and sharing quality content, consistently.

The Perfect Pin Checklist

The Perfect Pin Checklist encourages you to complete six tasks before adding content to Pinterest:

  1. Am I using an optimally sized pin graphic?
  2. Am I using high-resolution, professional grade photos?
  3. Did I use clear text, explaining what users can expect to find when clicking my pin?
  4. Is my text easy to read on mobile?
  5. Have I included a URL?
  6. Are my pin descriptions searchable and keyword friendly?

All six questions are laid out in a user friendly and cute (if I do say so myself!), printable PDF. In addition to the checklist, I provide tips and best practices for each task. From providing optimal pin sizes, to tips to help you choose the right image, I’ve got your content creating back!

So, download the Perfect Pin Checklist now. Use the Perfect Pin Checklist until each and every best practice becomes second nature. Don’t worry, you’ll be a pinning pro in no time! I promise.

Pinterest Tips: Why You Need Searchable Pin Descriptions

I was perusing a Pinterest strategy group thread the other day and a post caught my eye. A group member claimed to have heard that pin descriptions are dead and should be replaced with keyword stuffing for maximum exposure. Um, no. Let’s chat about why the art of creating thoughtful pin descriptions is still very much alive and four tips to crafting searchable pin descriptions.

Learn why crafting searchable pin descriptions is essential to Pinterest success and how to do it!Thoughtful Pin Descriptions Still Matter, I Promise

Pin descriptions do matter! Carefully crafted pin descriptions that mix both user-friendly language with keywords helps:

  • your content be found in the Pinterest Smart Feed discovery search,
  • encourages pinners to take action, and
  • helps boost overall SEO.

In a nutshell, if you want your awesome content to be found, take the time to craft thoughtful, actionable pin descriptions. Not sure where to begin? No problemo. Here are four tips to help you get started.

How To Craft Searchable Pin Descriptions

  1. Employ user-friendly language. You can (and should!) use keywords but try to offset keywords with user-friendly language. For example: “A snakeskin purse… because every girl deserves bold, fashion accessories. Create your style now!” includes keywords while still sounding, well, human. I don’t know about you but I like human.
  2. Use click-bait pin descriptions. Alisa, (Pinterest Princess and founder of says this about click-bait styled pin descriptions: “What’s in it for me?” Tell pinners why they absolutely, positively cannot miss this content – how it will change their lives.” I couldn’t agree more.
  3. Optimize pin descriptions for mobile. With 80% of Pinterest activity happening via mobile devices, you need to optimize pin descriptions to reach mobile users. This means keeping pin descriptions short. Is there a text character sweet spot? Yes! Generally speaking 75-100 characters for iPhone and 100-125 for Android. Rumor has it that Pinterest is currently experimenting with pin descriptions. In the test, some users no longer see pin descriptions unless a pin is expanded. Time will tell if it sticks, but until then make sure you’re utilizing Rich Pins.
  4. By all means, include a CTA! A CTA (call to action) is a bit of text encouraging users to take the next step. Do they work? According to Social Marketing Writing, there is an 80% increase in engagement from pins that contain a call to action. So don’t be shy, tell pinners what to do next!

Don't be shy, tell pinners what to do next by including a CTA in pin descriptions!

There’s no doubt about it: creating thoughtful, searchable pin descriptions takes time but it’s time well spent. You’ve put the hours into that killer blog post. Now take the time to connect pinners with your content by creating searchable pin descriptions.

Take time to connect pinners with your content by crafting searchable pin descriptions. Click To Tweet

Are your copywriting skills subpar? Would you rather be creating content rather than crafting pin descriptions? I get it! In fact, I take care of that for clients all the time. Ping me, let’s chat!

4 Epic Reasons Why Fashion Bloggers Need Pinterest

Today I get to talk about two of my favorite things: Pinterest and fashion.

Most days you can find me in a pair of my favorite J. Crew skinnies and go-to tartan button down (it’s winter in Maine, baby!). Admittedly, it’s far from an iconic fashion style but even though I prefer denim to trousers, and comfort over couture, I am a fashion lover.

With fashion being the third most searched category on Pinterest it’s a no brainer that fashion bloggers need Pinterest. If you’re a fashion blogger here are four compelling reasons you should be sharing your content on Pinterest.

Are you a fashion blogger? Find out why your target audience is on Pinterest. For reals.4 Epic Reasons Why Fashion Bloggers Need Pinterest

  1. Your target audience is on Pinterest. A recent study shows millennials use Pinterest as much as Instagram (a go-to social media platform for many fashion bloggers). Combine this with the fact that women still dominate the platform and it’s quite clear: if you’re a fashion blogger, your target audience is on Pinterest.
  2. Pinners love to buy. According to Shopify, pinners are 10 percent more likely to make a purchase than users of other social networks. The point? If affiliate links are a part of your income, you want Pinterest traffic.
  3. Pinners love fashion. As mentioned before, fashion is the third most popular search on Pinterest. But wait, it doesn’t stop there. Mashable claims fashion is also the category that gets the most repins. If that doesn’t motivate you to start sharing your content on Pinterest I’m not sure what will.
  4. Pinterest is visual. Pinterest is all about helping people create via visual discovery. Visual discovery. Isn’t that your goal as a fashion blogger, helping people discover and create the perfect style by utilizing killer visuals? Yes! By all means, give pinners what they want!

So, there you have it, four reasons why fashion bloggers need Pinterest. What are you waiting for? Start sharing those gorgeous blog photos, featuring your fashionista skills. Pinners are just waiting to discover you.

Are you a fashion blogger looking to up your game on Pinterest? I can help! From creating fashionable #OOTD graphics, to Pinterest management that let’s you focus on more important things (like creating killer content), let’s chat about your goals and pick a plan that works for you.

Brands Killing it on Pinterest: Sugar & Cloth

Find out which best practices Sugar & Cloth is using to kill it on Pinterest.Do you have a brand crush? I have far too many. You know, the brand you follow that elicits serious swooning every time you see a new product (Kate Spade stalker, here!) or read their latest blog post (Oh Joy!)? Don’t pretend you don’t know what I’m talking about.

Of course, the perfect brand crush is where great products, creativity, helpful blog posts, and killer Pinterest accounts come together to create marketing magic (BOOM!). Insert Sugar & Cloth.

Meet Sugar & Cloth

Sugar & Cloth is a DIYers dream come true. Created by Ashley Rose and perfected with her partner in crime and soon-to-be husband, Jared, Sugar & Cloth is a one-stop spot for creativity, design, and macarons. Seriously. sick. macarons.

Naturally, with an emphasis on DIY and creativity, Sugar & Cloth is a perfect fit for Pinterest. However, Pinterest success isn’t a shoo-in for brands with great content. Best practices are a must-do to truly light it up on Pinterest. This is a fact that Sugar & Cloth truly gets.

Brands Killing it on Pinterest: Sugar & Cloth

A quick peek at Sugar & Cloth’s Pinterest page indicates Ashley understands how important graphics are to Pinterest success. Gorgeous, clean, brightly styled images are aplenty. We’re talking serious eye-candy (insert heart eye emoji), here. So, lesson #1 to be learned from Sugar & Cloth’s Pinterest account: use high quality photos for branding purposes and Pinterest creatives.

Lesson #2 lies in Ashley’s choice of Pinterest board titles. Short and sweet (perfect for mobile!) and keyword forward, Sugar & Cloth’s Pinterest board titles are searchable and fun. A girl after my own Pinterest loving heart.

Speaking of Pinterest boards, check out Sugar & Cloths use of catalog styled, keyword friendly board descriptions. Lesson #3: Pinterest board descriptions are crazy important in overall SEO value. Don’t skip this step.


Lesson #4 can be found in Sugar & Cloth’s ability to combine Pinterest trends with great graphics. Last week I chatted about how savvy brands are using gift guides on Pinterest to drive traffic, boost sales, and provide helpful content to potential customers. Yet another Pinterest best practice that Sugar & Cloth is utilizing.


Pinterest success is no accident. Click To Tweet

I could wax poetic about Sugar & Cloth’s Pinterest account all day long but I’m sure you have better things to do than listen to me. The point is, Pinterest success is no accident. Time, application of best practices, and competitive visuals are all vital to kill it on Pinterest.

See room for improvement in your brand’s Pinterest strategy? Don’t lose heart. Let’s chat!


Pinterest Tips: Anatomy of the Perfect Gift Guide

Want to create an actionable Pinterest gift guide? Here's how!Gift guides and Pinterest go together like PB&J. For reals.

Seriously, I am up to my eyeballs in Pinterest gift guide graphic requests for the holiday season, and for good reason. Pinners are in buying mode and savvy brands are serving up holiday gift guides, with the goal of increasing seasonal sales. Who doesn’t want that?

If you’re one of those savvy brands, looking to cash in on holiday Pinterest traffic, this post is for you. From why gift guides work, to how-to creative tips, helping you design an effective gift guide graphic – here we’ll discuss all things Pinterest gift guides.

Anatomy of a Perfect Pinterest Gift Guide

girl-boss-holiday-gift-guideLast year the eCommerce startup I consulted with had a solid Pinterest holiday ad campaign budget. That meant I got to test all things Pinterest gift guides. Today, I’m going to share with you four foolproof tips I learned from that experience.

  • Do be specific. I’m talking more specific than simply separating men from women, and teenagers from toddlers. Try creating gift guides that appeal to a niche group of shoppers. The more specific you can be, the better. Last year, our most popular gift guide targeted tweens. Apparently, they really are a drag to buy for.
  • Do use multiple product images. In my experience, the more products you include on your graphic, the higher the CTR. Why? Multi-product creatives help you reach a greater audience. Is there a product limit? Yes. However, I can’t put a number on it (sorry!) since no two graphics are created equal. I can tell you this, product stuffing that results in overcrowding will do little to capture a pinner’s attention.
  • Do use text on image. Pinners like to know what they can expect when clicking an idea. Maintain a congruent marketing message by using text on  your image. Tip: make sure your text is easy-to-read on mobile!
  • Do create tall, vertical graphics. On the Pinterest platform, long, tall images steal the show. For years, the ideal specs for actionable pins were 735 pixels x 1102 pixels. While I still think that size works great for blog posts, I’ve noticed a longer graphic (somewhere around 735 x 1800) is where the multi-product pin magic happens. Have you had success with Pinterest gift guides? Which topic has produced the best results for your brand? Tell me about it in the comments below!

Pinterest Creatives Tips: Size Matters

Find out the image size you use on Pinterest will make or break your success.Can you hear that? That’s the sound of me climbing up on my Pinterest soapbox. It’s time to talk about a huge passion of mine: the art of creating competitive Pinterest creatives.

I hear (and see) it all the time. Entrepreneurs create a super cool, life changing product. They spend countless hours perfecting their branding, crafting informative blog posts, and fine tuning their product. Then they throw a generic social media graphic up on Pinterest, expecting it to drive traffic back to their site. Facepalm.

Pinterest Creatives Tips: Size Matters

Let me spare you some frustration: this tactic will likely disappoint. Why? The graphics you choose to share on Pinterest matter. I’m not even talking design styles (we’ll chat about that later), something as simple as correctly sized images can make or break your Pinterest success.

The fact that long, vertical images perform best on Pinterest is nothing new. In fact, you could even say it’s old news. What size are we talking? Generally speaking 735 pixels x 1102 pixels is recommended. I say generally because I firmly believe The size of your Pinterest graphic should vary based on the nature of your business. Click To Tweet For an informative blog post I still favor 735 pixels x 1102 pixels. However, if you’re a fashion or food blogger think bigger. Take up more space in the Pinterest feed with taller, multi-imaged graphics (I’ve found the sweet spot to be 735 pixels by 1800 pixels). Here’s a great example:

Create the perfect fall style with these fashion must-haves.

The Secret to Pinterest Success: Testing

Of course, the secret to figuring out what works best for your brand lies in testing. Don’t be afraid of testing, it’s your friend! Simply create 2-3 images, varying in size. After a month look at the stats. Which of the three pins had the best CTR (click-through rate)? Which pin had the most saves (formerly called repins)? Use the data to give your audience more of what they want. Create pins that resonate with your audience.

Have you found graphic specs that work great for your brand on Pinterest? Tell me about it in the comments below! 

Would you rather be creating killer content instead of budgeting time for actionable Pinterest graphics? I can help wth that. Let’s chat.

Confessions of a Pinterest Marketer

“You dream big.” These words have been uttered to me by two pivotal people in my life – my husband and former startup teammate Mark How.

It’s Okay to Dream Big

From a fairly young age I knew this to be true. It was a midweek evening in the late 80s and I was watching the weather forecast with my dad. The meteorologist was dramatically describing the dreaded heat wave, slated to arrive the next day. I saw potential. My neighbors were going to have a need and I could fill it.

I set out early the next morning, with my cousin Ben in tow. I had already convinced him that a lemonade stand was a much more worthy endeavor than running around under a sprinkler all day.

At noon, when we had a whopping $5 in hand (seriously, crickets were chirping), I decided to take matters into my own hands. I found the biggest piece of cardboard available, advertised the price of my fabulous lemonade, and clearly described what customers could expect when purchasing my product. Then, I walked just far enough into traffic that cars had to swerve to avoid me, and with a big smile, started my very first ad campaign. At the end of the day, with a little over $100 in our pockets, my cousin was glad he tagged along.

A Girl, a Dream, and a Love of all Things Pinterest

What does this have to do with Pinterest marketing and killer creatives? Bear with me a sec.

Recently, I had a life changing experience. I landed a spot, consulting on a talented e-commerce startup team. Having the opportunity to collaborate with passionate, talented people, working to create something brilliant, is a life goal everyone should have on their career bucket list. 

During that year I had a budget and unlimited time to perfect Pinterest tasks. The result? Actionable Pinterest campaigns and creatives that delivered low CPCs, high CTRs, and new user acquisition. In plain English? Success.

For me, that feeling of success was addicting. I was the kid with the lemonade stand, piece of cardboard, and a dream all over again. I thought, “what if I could bring my Pinterest experience to brands, preferably startups and bloggers?” Oh, and what if I included gorgeous creatives that drove traffic and were priced considerably less when contrasted with hiring a graphic designer?

And so, Pin The Pretty Things was born, your one-stop shop for all things Pinterest, killer creatives, and content marketing. A place where I can focus on what I’m passionate about while bringing real, tangible results to brands who want more, brands who dared to dream big. Does that sound like you? I thought so. Let’s chat.